Post Mortem: R-Bot VS

Interesting enough R-Bot VS was actually not our next project at Medaverse but in fact our 3rd, After the release of Gravitronix we started work on a 2D platformer to […]

January 2018 – Update

Update of January Updated the site. Been drawing promotion art Free download KMS Pico, activar windows 10 drawing out level designs on graph paper figuring out how the levels should […]

December Update

Hey everyone, The holidays are over and we’re all settling back into our normal lives. The holiday season really kicked into overdrive over here and not much progress was done. […]

November Update

Status update for November, We’ve been working with newly created art assets to build out the first level. Since we’re finally seeing how they look in game we’re been doing […]

A Year (give or take) later…

I am awful at keeping a blog up-to-date with the latest things going on. Trying to juggle work, family and working on the game itself is hard, throwing in updating […]

Happy Holidays! and a little update

All of us here at Medaverse Studio would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays!   And I would like to apologies for the radio silence for the last few months. […]

Getting Back into the 80’s

Last time I posted I talked about the games we were limiting ourselves to for inspiration while creating our new game. One of the fun things we get to do […]

The Import Dilemma

One issues that arose during our early development discussions is whether or not we should include games that were currently only available in Japan when looking at inspiration in our […]

Path to the 1st installment: Back to 1987

Project: Artificial Legacy will start out on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) with the first game starting development in “1987” with a “1988” release date. Why the NES? The decision to […]

What is Project: Artificial Legacy?

What is Project: Artificial Legacy you ask? Well it’s out next game/games of course. Project: Artificial Legacy, is going to be a large scale project, it will not just be […]