1. Are you Hiring? No. We do this as a hobby so we have no money to hire people at this time, if things change we will open a new section titled 'Jobs' on the menu bar above.
  2. Why is there such long gaps between games? Game development is still a hobby for us (for now), so we have to squeeze development time in-between juggling work and our personal lives. Family and paying the bills have to come first.
  3. Why was ‘R-Bot VS’ discontinued? ‘R-Bot VS’ was discontinued because sales of ‘R-Bot VS’ slowed down to almost zero by years end and we could not justify paying Apple a yearly fee to keep the game up. IF we decide to release another iOS game ‘R-Bot VS’ will return.
  4. Can I still buy Gravitronix? No, Nintendo closed the Wii Shop Channel until Jan 30th 2019.
  5. Is Gravitronix available on Wii U? No. Gravitronix is not available through the Wii U's Nintendo eShop, but if had purchased Gravitronix on the Wii you can boot into Wii Mode on the Wii U play it there.
  6. So there is no way to get Gravitronix anymore? If you have a Modded Wii or WiiU system, we are making a WAD file available for people to download for Free. No, We're not going to tell you how to Mod your system or how to load the game, there are plenty of YouTube videos out there to do that for us. Plus we want to stay on good terms with Nintendo. Download Gravitronix WAD File.
  7. Will you be making R-Bot VS free for people to download? No we will not be making R-Bot VS available for free. Dealing with Apple and their system updates/security and other things make it hard for us to do that.
  8. Can I beta test your next game? Right now development is in the very early stages, pre-alpha. When we get closer to release we will make an announcement and open a new section titled 'Beta' on the menu bar above.