Post Mortem: R-Bot VS

Interesting enough R-Bot VS was actually not our next project at Medaverse but in fact our 3rd, After the release of Gravitronix we started work on a 2D platformer to be released on XBLA and WiiWare, but things changed after we found out we were never going to see any money from Gravitronix, since it did not meet Nintendo’s “minimal” amount of sales. Because of this we scale back our next project dropping the WiiWare version and decided to not continue working with Nintendo since paying for office space and insurance to be a developer was too costly, also at this time two of our developers left to go work with another studio in Washington.

It was while developing this other game that we also started playing around with the iPad. We duplicated some of the ideas we were playing with on the untitled XBLA game created a little demo and R-Bot VS was born.

R-Bot VS was a throwback to the classic cocktail tables arcade cabinets from the late 70’s early 80’s. The name was inspired by the old Nintendo VS arcade games (even after our experience with them we still keep a little tribute to them) The idea was to make a two-player arcade style game for the Apple iPad.Free download KMS Pico, activar windows 10 Two people could play at the same time on the same iPad. One person would play with controls at the top of the pad and the other on the bottom. The goal of the game was to jump from platform to platform avoiding traps and collecting 30 energy orbs before your opponent did and then race to the end level door.

R-Bot VS was release on February 19, 2012 (A month before the release of the 3rd generation iPad) on the Apple App store for $0.99. At launch the game had 3 different maps each with 8 different level of difficulty. We did two additional updates adding 2 more maps each with 8 levels of difficulty.

While launch for the game was strong (We were able to purchase some new equipment.) the sales died off after about 4 months. We tried pushing a free lite version but it didn’t do much. Since we had no plans at the time to release anymore iOS games we let our Apple Dev membership end which caused R-Bot VS to be pulled from the App Store.

There was talk about bringing the game to XBLA but life got in the way and nothing ever came of that.