Pengrave and The Dungeon of Eternity

Release date: CANCELLED | Genres: Shoot-em' Up / Platformer
Platform: Wii (WiiWare) & Xbox360 (XBLA)

Pengrave and The Dungeon of Eternity was intended to be the 2nd game from by Medaverse Studios. Staring a cute penguin named Pengrave the game was going to be a satire of old monster horror movies and the Castlevania games. Sadly, it never made it past the early prototyping phase.


‘Pengrave and The Dungeon of Eternity’ entered early development in the beginning of 2010. Pengrave was going to be a shoot-em’ up / platformer, we had taken inspiration from the Crack dot Com game ‘Abuse’ and the Capcom ‘Castlevania’ series.

When development started Nintendo had unlocked a lot of additional features to the WiiWare developers (most important of them was access to the SD card) because of this our developers were play around a lot with lighting effects and Normal Maps in the game engine. Since we were no longer restricted by file size limitations, we were making graphics a priority. In addition, given some issues we had while developing Gravitronix, this time around we decided to make the game available on both WiiWare and Xbox Live Arcade.

Sadly, due to the departure of some key members and some financial issues Pengrave would be put on hiatus and eventually cancelled.