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Artificial Legacy

About Us

  1. Medaverse started life in early 2002, over the years Medaverse has taken on many shapes, from a writing site where all of the stories took place in a single universe the ‘Meda-verse’ to a Gaming news & reviews site and last in 2006 we change again when we decided to stop sitting on the sidelines and throw our own hat into the game dev ring.
  2. On June 16th, 2007, Medaverse was re-named ‘Medaverse Studio’ and we official became a studio thanks in part to Nintendo. Two and a half years later on October 12th, 2009, we released our first game ‘Gravitronix‘ an 8-player arcade style battle game on the Nintendo WiiShop.
  3. A few years later we would release ‘R-Bot VS’ on Apple iPad in 2012, a throwback to the classic 2 player tabletop arcade games.
  4. Which brings us to today, so after a bit of a hiatus we came back and started production of ‘The Project: Artificial Legacy Saga’ an ambitious idea of creating a collection of 4 different games each one designed to look and feel like a different console generation.
  5. In addition, we wanted the community to be part of the journey and have been live broadcast development of ‘The Project: Artificial Legacy Saga’ on Twitch and YouTube.

What We're Working On

Project Artificial Legacy Saga - Early Access