What is Project: Artificial Legacy?

What is Project: Artificial Legacy you ask? Well it’s out next game/games of course.

Project: Artificial Legacy, is going to be a large scale project, it will not just be one slot77 game but a series of games. Each game in the series will be designed as if it was created during a different generation.

The First game in the series will be designed to look and feel as slot gacor if it was from the NES Generation (Third generation) and we will progress with each game into a different generation until we reach today (Eighth or Ninth generation depending on how long it all takes.)

Thus creating an “Artificial Legacy” for this new series.

Simple enough right, well we are putting some very strict guidelines and slot gacor limitations on ourselves for this project.

  1. Each game must be designed and built so it could in theory be released on it’s given platform. (e.g limited color pallets, file size restrictions, limited inputs, ect.)
  2. No inventing gameplay styles before their time. (e.g No FPS during the NES era or 3D Open World games on the N64/PSOne era.)
  3. Game can not be influenced from content not available at the time. (e.g. No “Theme Park full of cloned Dinosaurs: in a game that would have been “created” in 1987. or Main hero can’t be a boy wizard learning his powers at a special school and fighting off some Evil snake look wizard.) When we do look at material for inspiration we must limit ourselves to what was available at the time. Each game will have a specific date connected to it and when we look at what content was around at the time we have to set it back at least a year from our “release” date, cause there is no way something that comes out a month before our release would have had any effect on development. Also each date will be reasonable for a release date. We don’t want to be releasing a SNES game in the middle of the N64 era.top online casino

A lot of thought and preparation is going into the development of this series. It’s going to be a good challenge and a lot of fun too.