Project: Artificial Legacy

Genres: Action | Release date: Q1 2023
Platform: PC/Mac | Price: TBD

With the aid of a magic device Kirana must fight her way through an underground labyrinth filled with monsters, as she tries to find 3 special gems that will unlock new powers so she may can confront the final boss and rescued her kidnapped father, In this NES style action game.


  • Classic Nes Style Action Game.
  • Presented in glorious 4:3 aspect ratio to capture that retro feel.
  • No Handholding! We’re not going to tell you in game that pressing A will make you jump.
  • First Game in a Four-part series. Where each full game will be designed as if it was created during a different console generation. ** Each part will be sold separately. **
  • Each game takes place 4 years after the pervious matching the change between console generations.
  • The first game in the series is designed to look and feel as if it was from the Nintendo Entertainment System.


1000 years ago, humans were severed from their connection to the world’s magic. Today Dr. Asher has created a device that will once again allow humans to re-tap into it. Code named Project: Artificial Legacy the device will allow its user access to different powers when combined with one of four crystals. But monsters from an unknown land have found out about Dr. Asher discovery and have kidnapped him to force him to create the device as a weapon. It’s now up to his young daughter Kirana to use his prototype and fight her way through an underground labyrinth and rescued her father.
Jump, Push objects out of your way, stop water, and create blocks out of thin air, all while avoiding dangerous creatures and traps as you travel deep underground searching Five different sections for 3 crystals to unlock the full potential of your weapon along with 4 keys that will let you unlock your path to take on the four bosses standing in your way of entering the their command center and take on the Final Boss and rescue your father. Blast enemies with Fire balls to send them back to the world they came from. Be sure to keep an eye on your Stamina meter, if your energy level gets to zero its ‘Game Over’, collect hearts to keep your energy levels up.