November Update

Status update for November, We’ve been working with newly created art assets to build out the first level. Since we’re finally seeing how they look in game we’re been doing a lot of fine tuning to make them look good. Some of our attempt with drop shadow did not turn out the way we wanted and a few color pallets issues arose that required us to look into different colors for some objects. We also ran into some size issues with the main character which in turn required us to edit a few of the other characters as well. It’s surprising how much work is needed to just add/subtract a couple extra pixels.

The design for the main characters weapon has been finalized and added into the game, no more shots being fired from an invisible gun.

Even thou our main focus is on the first game in the series we are already thinking about the future installments. During a little relax time we have been play around with creating a low-polygon model of our main character which could be used for our N64/PlayStation version of the game.Free download KMS Pico, activar windows 10 The model will at least be used for some promotional material in the future.

Since we’re getting ready to hit the holiday season I have a feeling work is going to slow down a bit, things always do this time of year. We will be making some progress on the game I’m just not expecting a lot, specially the closer we get to Christmas.