A Year (give or take) later…

I am awful at keeping a blog up-to-date with the latest things going on. Trying to juggle work, family and working on the game itself is hard, throwing in updating the blog too is even harder. But I’m trying to budget my time a bit better and I’m going to honestly try to keep this update on a monthly basis. *crosses fingers I can do it*

I hope that taking a moment to update everyone will not just keep people interested in Medaverse’s upcoming game but also help keep us motivated.

Since out last update back in December of 2016;

  • We have officially dropped Unity as our engine and are building everything in Unreal. We have been very happy with our decision and have made some good strides in building out the first part of Project: Artificial Legacy.
  • We placed our original characters and story on the back burner and have developed a new set of characters and a new story for our game. While we loved our first idea we ran into a few hiccups having it work with what we wanted Project: Artificial Legacy to be so we decided it was best to put it aside are revisit it after Project: Artificial Legacy is completed. We’re very excited with everything new we have created for the new world and can’t wait to share it with all of you in the near future.
  • We moved our fictitious development start and release date up a year, now our development started in “1988” with a “1989” release date. This gives us a bit more to work with as most developers at this time had really started to figured out how to get the most out of the Nintendo hardware at this time.
  • An early prototype of the game has been built using place holder assets. Most of the game mechanics have been implemented and we are working on fine tuning them to get that 80’s feel.
  • In game assets have started to be built out and we have a few of the characters already done. We really have an appreciation for the artiest back in the 8bit era, working with 3 colors and a transparency is hard.
  • Project: Artificial Legacy was never going to be the final name of the game and we have started throwing around some new names for the game. Nothing has really stuck and we continue to refer to the game as ‘Project: Artificial Legacy’ in house.