Project: Artificial Legacy

Genres: Action/Adventure | Release date: TBD
Platform: TBD | Price: TBD


The idea for Project: Artificial Legacy came around in late 2015, with an official announcement in May of 2016.

Project: Artificial Legacy, is going to be a large scale project, as it is not just a single game but a series of games. Project: Artificial Legacy will be a collection of 4 games stretching across 4 different console generations, Thus creating an “Artificial Legacy” for this new series.

We will be starting with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in the 8bit generation. Each game in the series will be designed as if it was created during a that generation. It will look and feel as if it was made for the NES, including the same limitations the NES system had (So if it can’t fit in a cart, it doesn’t go into the game.)

We will be are putting some very strict guidelines and limitations on ourselves for this project. In addition to each game being designed and built so it could in theory be released on it’s given platform. (e.g limited color pallets, file size restrictions, limited inputs, ect.) We are not allowed to take inspiration for events that did not occurs during the generation/years we are working in. So No using gameplay styles before their time. (e.g No FPS during the NES era or 3D Open World games on the N64/PSOne era.) This also includes pop-culture content not available at the time. (e.g. No “Theme Park full of cloned Dinosaurs: in a game that would have been “created” in 1987. or Main hero can’t be a boy wizard learning his powers at a special school and fighting off some Evil snake look wizard.) When we do look at material for inspiration we must limit ourselves to what was available at the time. Each game will have a specific date connected to it and when we look at what content was around at the time we have to set it back at least a year from our “release” date, cause there is no way something that comes out a month before our release would have had any effect on development.

Also each date will be reasonable for a release date. We don’t want to be releasing a SNES game in the middle of the N64 era.

A lot of thought and preparation is going into the development of this series. It’s going to be a good challenge and a lot of fun So we decided that we want all of you (the fans) to be part of it so we will also be taking a different approach to development, Instead of being quiet and waiting to show what we have created, we are going to be open about development and taking the community along for the journey with us.

In February of 2018, development went into full swing as we started Medaverse Live, a weekly live development blog that we hosted on This allowed us a better outlet to interact with the community and show how the development process with Project: Artificial Legacy was going.

The Games:

  • Artificial Legacy

    NES Game: This game will be designed to be like an NES style Action game.

  • Super Artificial Legacy

    SNES/Genesis Game: Will be designed in the 16bit era.

  • Artificial Legacy 64

    N64/Saturn/PlayStation Game: Will take the jump into 3D with a 64bit style game.

  • Artificial Legacy 4

    GameCube/DreamCast/PS2/Xbox Game: Will be a game that will be designed as if it was released during the 128bit generation.